How can you make your embroidery more attractive?

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How can you make your embroidery more attractive?

here are many factors that go into beautiful embroidery.

Using the appropriate stabilizer and hooping the fabric in the frame are two important factors mentioned earlier.  For details, refer to "How to assemble the hoop?"

Another important point is the appropriateness of the needle and thread being used. See the explanation of threads below.



Upper thread: Use embroidery thread intended for use with this machine. Other embroidery threads may not yield optimum results.

Bobbin thread:pre-wound with 60 weight embroidery bobbin thread or recommended 60 weight embroidery bobbin thread.

Before embroidering, check that there is enough thread in the bobbin. If you start to sew your embroidery project without enough thread in the bobbin, you will need to rewind the bobbin in the middle of the embroidery pattern.

*Stabilizer material

·Attach a stabilizer material for embroidery to the fabric to prevent poor quality embroidery designs.

·Prepare stabilizer material that is larger than the embroidery frame being used.

·When embroidering on thin fabrics such as organdy or lawn, or on napped fabrics such as terry cloth or corduroy, use water soluble stabilizer (sold separately) for best results. The water soluble stabilizer material will dissolve completely in water, giving the project a more attractive finish.

·In the case of thick terry cloth towels we recommend that you place a piece of water soluble stabilizer on the top surface of the towel. This will help to reduce the nap of the toweling and result in more attractive embroidery.

·When using fabrics that cannot be ironed (such as terry cloth or fabrics that have loops which expand when ironed) or in places where ironing is difficult, position the stabilizer material under the fabric without fusing it, then position the fabric and stabilizer in the embroidery frame, or check with your BAI dealer for the correct stabilizer to use.

stretch the fabric in the hoop properly

You can tell the difference when you see a piece done by someone inexperienced because they tend to not clip the threads as they go and they don't stretch the fabric in the hoop properly. A piece done well will automatically be more attractive.

Beyond that, it's all up to you and what you want your project to look like. Experiment with patterns, colors and fabrics. Don't be afraid to depart from what you usually do. Learn some new techniques. Look at what others are doing and try to incorporate some of what you like into your own projects.

I think the most attractive pieces are the ones you have the most fun with.

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