How Much Does An Embroidery Machine Cost?

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How Much Does An Embroidery Machine Cost

When buying an embroidery machine, the price is often one of the crucial factors that people consider. Whenever you try to buy a new embroidery machine, you may always wonder how much does an embroidery machine cost. For beginners, the concept of cost is often blurred. To be frank, understanding the differences among embroidery machines in various price ranges is really a complicated thing.

But don’t worry, we have prepared a detailed list of how much does an embroidery machine cost. After reading today’s article, you will know the differences among embroidery machines at various prices; whether it is a household embroidery machine or a commercial embroidery machine, you will understand their price and performance. This will help you choose a cost-effective embroidery machine.

1. Under $1000

This price is the most common price in the home embroidery machine.

Embroidery machines at this price often have more powerful functions. In addition to more built-in designs and stitch types, they usually have more powerful accessories, such as an automatic needle threader, automatic thread cutters, and more. Besides, some of them will have a relatively large embroidery work area – 5″x7″.

Sewing Embroidery Machine (1)
Sewing Embroidery Machine (2)

2. Under $4000

The commercial embroidery machine at this price range is more powerful.

They will have more built-in designs and stitch types. Most importantly, they are sometimes heavier and can penetrate more thick fabrics, which dramatically expands the scenes they can use. They can not only embroider on ordinary cotton, linen, and other materials, but they can also work on several layers of denim.

In addition, they are usually smarter and can be connected to computers and PCs, which makes it possible to complete more unique embroidery designs.

In general, the uses of commercial embroidery machines at this price range are more widely.

1 head embroidery machine (3)
1 Head embroidery machine (4)

3. Above $5000

The commercial embroidery machines in this price range belong to the high-end series of commercial embroidery machines.

They often have more needles and have a higher embroidery speed of which can be 1200 SPM. They also have more embroidery designs and stitching types, which can reach millions.

In addition, the oversized embroidery work area of these embroidery machines is also their highlight. Whether you want to embroider on quilts, hats, or whatever; they can do all of these tasks. Moreover, they can continue to work for a long time, almost 24 hours a day.

However, the price of such embroidery machines is very high, and usually, it is massive. If you want to buy this type of embroidery machine, you need to think about where it is placed in advance.

It must be said that ignoring the price and size, this type of embroidery machine is the perfect choice for

2 head embroidery machine (5)
embroidery machine (6)
embroidery machine (7)

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