How to Maintain Embroidery Machines ?

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How to Maintain Embroidery Machines ?

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Embroidery machine is an amazing machine that should be in every house. There are many reasons of buying the embroidery machines. Whatever the reason it is, it’s necessary for you to take care of it. The maintenance will prolong the lifetime of your beloved machine.

Tips and Tricks of Taking Care of Your Embroidery Machine

1. Keep it Covered

When the machine is not in use, keep it covered. Covering will prevent the dust from entering the different parts of the machine that may cause many problems. Make sure that the machine is completely covered when it isn’t in use.

2.Unplug the Machine

Make sure to unplug the machine when it is free as there are huge chances of power surge that can damage your machine. Unplugging the machine will keep it save and will also save energy. You must also know that the embroidery machine insurance policy will not include any problem or damage of power supply.

3.Replace the Needles on Time

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You must also replace the needles on time. The needle should be replaced after every four hours if you are using it for personal use and after every couple of hours when it is being used commercially. Needles become dull after that time and they are not able to stitch properly which may damage the fabric. Replacing the needle will save you from poor stitching and any type of stitching problem.

4. Accurate Type of Needle Base

Using the accurate type of needle base is also necessary. It is very much important if you want to have the best quality stitching. The needle should be according to the fabric you are using. For example, make use of the sharp needles for woven fabrics.

5. Make Use of the Right Thread

It is also important for you to make use of the right thread. If you think you will be able to save some money buying the low quality thread, you are completely wrong. It will make you face different problems during the stitching time. A low quality thread can easily damage your bobbin case. A poor quality thread will make you face different problems in no time even though you are taking other proper steps for embroidery machine maintenance.

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6.Choose the Correct Bobbin

When it comes to the embroidery machine maintenance, it is also important to choose the correct bobbin. The correct type of bobbin will ensure smooth and perfect stitching. On the other hand, damaged bobbin will not ensure such a great stitching experience.

7. Make Use of the Common Colors

Make use of the common colors when it comes to thread arrangement. It will prevent you from changing frequently and will also prevent the embroidery machine from re-threading all the time.

8. If the Machine Suddenly Stops Running

You need to know that if the machine suddenly stops running, it doesn’t only mean that there is any fault in the machine. You must also have a look at what you want to sew. It is possible that there is some problem with the design that is resulting in slow production and thread breaks. Too close stitches are also a reason of thread breaks.

9.Oiling the Machine

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Oiling the machine is one of the important things you need to do. There are so many advantages of oiling the machine on regular basis. It will help in avoiding the breakage of thread. You need to clean it before you oil it so that there is no dust or other particles on that part.

10. Know Your Machine Well

You need to know your machine well in all the aspects. It is very important if you want your machine to run perfectly and smoothly. It will also help you in solving the problems that may occur at times. Once you know your machine, you can solve all the problems in very short time. There are different types of machine available these days and features of all of them are different. You need to know about the machine you want before you actually buy it.

11. Listen to Your Machine

Listening to your machine is also very important. Once you have spent the money, you must also be able to understand what it actually has to say. You must understand each and every sound your machine gives so that you can prevent it from different damages. Listening and understanding what your machine says makes a wonderful sewing experience.


The embroidery machine maintenance is a simple task. No huge efforts or complications are involved in this process. Just follow the above mentioned tips and you will see that embroidery machine maintenance is a piece of cake.

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