How to use shoe embroidery device ?

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How to use shoe embroidery device ?

The biggest part of what we do each day is helping people just like you achieve those dreams. Personalizing footwear with our Embroidered Shoe Making Machine package is an excellent way to get started. And for the first time, our bundle comes includes the exclusive Embroidery Grip. This amazing clamp holds shoes, bags, purses, and other leather goods perfectly stable for embroidery.  The release of this device has removed all the obstacles. The shoe embroidery market is booming.

D Bag Embroidery1

Let’s learn how to fix the shoe device to the embroidery machine:

First of all, we need to use the wrench to do the screw on the armrest, then we can judge a suitable distance from the armrest, then use the wrench take the bin. 

Then we need to assemble this shoe devices to the embroider machine and find the right screw hole and fasten it, like this way. Attention please: don’t hit the needles. 

Next step we open the switch on the armrest, then put the shoes like this way and now close the switch. 

0_0002_B Shoe Embroidery

Now, let’s do the embroidery. First, we choose the pattern, then press and here we can see the pattern, direction and we can press this button to change this direction. Then we can choose the needle of colors.

The last step, here we use the shoe devices, so we need to use the “No Frame”.  Try to test the frame here. Now, we can go for embroidering, press this and confirm. We need to open the switch on armrest then take out the shoes after embroidering.

0_0001_C Shoe Embroidery

Then we can do the same thing on the pat collar, put pat collar here and close the switch on the armrest.

This kind of device can also embroider on the bag, shoes , collar etc.

This kind of device can also embroider on the bag, shoes , collar etc.

Visual Learner ?

If you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a video we made for the whole process.

Shoes Bags Embroidery Teaching Video:

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