The characteristics of traditional Chinese embroidery(2)

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The characteristics of traditional Chinese embroidery(二)

Chinese embroidery passed on for thousands of years before reaching its peak in the Ming and Qing dynasties.The folk embroidery techniques and the silk thread materials used have developed alarmingly. Now we can see that some of the embroidery products are made of twisted silk, such as tree trunks and rocks.Some of them are embroidered with untwisted silk, and some of them are especially delicate, such as the face of a person. Gold foil is applied to very thin sheepskin or cotton paper and used in embroidery;To twist gold is to cut gold leaf into thin strips and twist it with silk;Gold and silver wire is gold - plated copper or silver wire.

A large number of embroidery themes in the Ming and Qing dynasties were auspicious patterns with Chinese characteristics, that is, "the figure must be intentional and the intention must be auspicious". There are hundreds and thousands of auspicious patterns in China. For example, mandarin duck symbolizes conjured love between husband and wife, pomegranate symbolizes having many children, pine plum symbolizes high integrity, peony symbolizes wealth and splendor, and pine and crane symbolize longevity. There are also designs with homophonic themes, such as bat and "fu", fish means joy and abundance, deer and "lu", bottle and "Ping An", goldfish and "jin Yu", lotus and "he" and so on. There are also designs that combine several ways, such as swastika and peony, which are called "Fugui Wandai". bat and longevity together is longevity generation; Embroidered flowers on the ground are the icing on the cake. In addition, different people's clothing, the decoration of different occasions will be different.

The old embroidered films with auspicious patterns not only bring people the ideal of praying for wealth and longevity, peace and happiness, but also very valuable collections.

Embed it in picture frame, hang on the wall of the bedroom, also can make 4 walls undead brightness, add the culture grade of host and accomplishment.

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