What is flat embroidery ?

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What is flat embroidery ?

Flat embroidery is the most common embroidery used, it is where the decorative stitch is applied directly to the cap fabric creating a flat design. Flat embroidery can be used for the most intricate and detailed designs without distorting the image which makes it the most popular choice for embellishment.

A Flat Embroidery

How to do flat embroidery:

Step one: Preparing the flat embroidery table, flat embroidery frame, and six pads of clips, fabric we need to embroider and backing paper, wrench. 

Step two: Assembling these flat embroidery devices to the embroidery machine;

Putting the flat table on the machine and first one we need to remove its bolt in each side of the screw, and there is angle steel inside of the machine;

While putting the flat table we need to pay attention to this, and flat table ,we can see there are angle of steel and four screw holes here in each side, and we put table on, attention: there is a slot here and we need to put the angle steel inside of the slot, then we need to lift up the table and use the wrench to assemble the screw on the machine,making sure the flat and bobbin sit in the same place .

Step three: Putting the fabric and backing paper on the flat frame, the first one is backing paper, it can hold the fabric stable; Assembling screws to the track and fastening the screws.

Step four: We need to embroider and choose the pattern; Choosing the thread of the pattern in each. 

Pay attention: we need to put the frame and to confirm whether this frame is fit the pattern;

Last Step: Choosing the frame size and this wide six hundred and height four hundred, then press. And the pattern is in the middle of the frame and here we use the some needle to confirm whether the pattern will be embroidered in the frame, then we check it.

What is flat embroidery

Visual Learner ?

If you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a video we made for the whole process.

Flat Embroidery Teaching Video Link:


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