What is T shirt embroidery ?

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What is T shirt embroidery  ?

Embroidery is hot hot hot these days and you can spot it anywhere from the runways of New York to the clothing aisles of your local Target. Time to share our own t-shirt embroidery tutorial so you can get in on the trend!  Embroidering a special design is a great way to create your own one-of-a-kind fashion statement, or to simply revive an old shirt that has been sitting in the back of your drawer. If you want to do a bit more exploring, find all of our embroidery basics tutorials.

A T shirt embroidery

How to do the T-shirt embroidery with all the accessories:

Step one: Preparing the T-shirt frames from the smallest 95 meters to the biggest one 295 meters, armrest to fix the T-shirt frame, wrench to do some fixing working, backing paper, T-shirt. 

Step two: Fixing some rests on the machine, to find the right hole for screw, and use this wrench, to fasten the screw. 

Step three: Choosing the right embroidery frame, and put the T-shirt on the frame; Putting the T-shirt on the embroidery frame, choose the right position and put the backing paper inside; 

Step four: Putting this frame on the machine; Choosing the pattern for the computer, Choosing the color, there are 12 colors, choose what you need, choose the right frame, and make sure the embroidery pattern in the frame, then confirm the embroidery, ready to start.

Last step: We have to take off the frame from machine and take out the frame from T-shirt, and pull out backing paper after finishing the embroidery.

B T shirt embroidery

Visual Learner ?

If you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a video we made for the whole process.

T shirt Embroidery Teaching Video Link:


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