Why BAIMA Supplier Chain specialize in both embroidery machine and printer?

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Why BAIMA Supplier Chain specialize in both embroidery machine and printer?

That’s the reason of Trend. BAIMA upgrade in the original product technology and focus on the overseas market to create the BAI brand and TINCO brand. After countless investigations and studies, we found that embroidery and printing are inseparable in fashion design. They are two different crafts in fashion design. When you have your own embroidery machine, we suggest that you add a printer to serve you, which will not only bring convenience to you, but also expand your business. In order to bring a better service experience to consumers, coupled with the company's research and development capabilities, we have introduced a printer, the TINCO brand.

Why BAIMA Supplier Chain specialize in both embroidery machine and printer

Why embroidery and printing design will trend in next years?

Think of the world’s most iconic t-shirts, cap. Ajr Jordon, Three Wolf Moon, PUMA, MLB, Tuxedo… – what do they all have in common? What is the similar thing that has made these favorite among the people all around the world? Well, it’s the embroidery and printing design. Every season we see new fashion trends.


Every year thousands of new businesses get started. This is making little challenging for companies to get the attention of their target audience. In order to spread the word about the company and grab the attention, companies have started making use of custom t-shirts. Have you ever thought why car companies put their company logos in the front and back of the car? It’s for branding purpose.

embroidery machine lassification

Putting a logo and other information about brand on custom t-shirts, caps, uniform helps companies in creating brand awareness and drawing attention. They communicate the brand message in a more casual and friendly way. It can be worn anytime and anywhere and there is no chance that the person wearing it will get unnoticed.

02. Fad for TV Series

Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things – no matter wherever you go, you will always find fans of these series. Though these TV series are still going on, fans like to flaunt clothes linked with these series or their characters.

If you have a tshirt, cap, shoes maker tools, you can help your customers in creating a design of their own choice. They can make a selection of colors, graphics, fonts, etc. as per their taste and style. Before going for final t-shirt printing and embroidery, the tool must allow them to see how the design will look on their t-shirt.

Fad for TV Series embroidery

03.Boosting Team Spirit

Over the past few years, companies have started realizing the importance of creating a strong company culture. Custom t-shirts are a great way in developing a strong emotional bond with the company. It unites internal teams, thus increases motivation and commitment among employees to achieve company’s goals.

Boosting Team Spirit

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