China's best embroidery machine factory

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China's best embroidery machine factory

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Are you still looking for long-term stable suppliers, are you still worried about finding the most powerful factories to cooperate with, and you still want to find the lowest prices for the factories, please see here. What kind of factory is the most powerful supplier, first look at the scale of the embroidery machine factory, the number of annual exports, the number of global brand agents, and the number of customers. China's embroidery machine industry index shows that by 2020, China's embroidery machine exports The province with the largest volume is Zhejiang, followed by Guangdong. 

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The birthplace of Zhejiang embroidery machines is in Zhuji. Zhuji has a factory for 20 years. It is a BAI cooperative factory. In 19, it sold 6,000 thousand embroidery machines, covering an area of 50,000. Square meters, with more than 300 employees, is one of the largest embroidery machine factories in Zhejiang. The main market is concentrated in South Africa, the United States, Europe, and more than 600 agents worldwide. The embroidery machine has stable performance and has been well received by customers worldwide.

BAI is the factory's external marketing brand. It has its own brand patents in major global markets. It is the best choice for traders, retail and end users. The factory welcomes industry professionals from all over the world throughout the year. Embroidery, come to BAI to choose your favorite machine, what are you waiting for.

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