What are the types of BAI embroidery machines? (BAI embroidery machine type introduction guide)

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BAI embroidery machine type introduction guide

Embroidery machines are mainly divided into household embroidery machines, design shop embroidery machines, and factory embroidery machines according to different usage scenarios.


Designed for beginners, skilled enthusiasts, hobbyists, craftsmen and family businesses, all the features of the BAI family embroidery machine can meet all your embroidery needs.


  • Humanized user interface

  • Simple operation and ergonomic keyboard design

  • Preset embroidery frame parameters to prevent frame collision

  • The operation head bracket can perform multi-angle rotation and

  • Adjustment, convenient for operators to view and use

  • Flower preview

BAI embroidery machine type introduction guide
BAI embroidery machine type introduction guide (3)
BAI embroidery machine type introduction guide (2)


More embroidery features, Ideal for any kind of embroidery on all types of fabrics, leather, Blouses, Kurtis, Necklines, Readymade T - shirts, Shirts, Caps, Socks, Shoes, Bags, Purses, Corporate gift articles, Sarees, Shirt pockets, Cuffs, Collars, Belts, Wrist bands, School Unforms, Army uniforms, Baby garments, Ladies garments, etc. Expansion countertops are the perfect solution for large-scale embroidery such as curtains, carpets, banners, mattress edges, wedding dresses, and quilts.


  • Humanized user interface, easy to operate

  • Convenient installation of optional equipment, such as sequin embroidery, rope embroidery and engraved hole embroidery;

  • New ergonomic keyboard for easy operation with right thumb

  • Preset embroidery frame parameters to prevent frame collision

  • Automatic color change

  • Built-in factory mode, standardized factory inspection process

  • Built-in folder management system


This series of embroidery machines are suitable for mass production of various types of garment embroidery, including cap embroidery, flat embroidery, luggage embroidery and other


  • Double belt system allows higher torque, reduces noise, and is easier to maintain

  • Enhanced square guides for higher impact resistance and durability

  • Easy to transport and install

  • Double lighting system to improve lighting brightness

  • Suitable for flat embroidery, cap embroidery, garment embroidery and others

  • Suitable for enterprises that expand embroidery production capacity

  • 10-inch high-definition touch screen

  • Heavy-duty steel bracket and high-quality swivel casters ensure stability and mobility

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