What is the average life of an embroidery machine?

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What is the average life of an embroidery machine?

embroidery machine is closely related to the operators habits.

The life of the embroidery machine is closely related to the operator's habits.The service life of the machine can be very long. The longest service life of the machine is 30 years. After that, it will be resold or replaced with a new model of machine. There is no problem in using it for 10 years if you pay attention to the maintenance of the machine.This only requires the operator to patiently learn the operation, maintenance of the machine and develop good usage habits

So see how to maintain the machine, here are some tips:

1. Clean and oil regularly. One thing that can hold back embroidery production more than anything is machine maintenance, or lack thereof. There is a direct correlation between thread breaks and oiling your machine, especially with the sewing hook. This vital machine part should be oiled each day, or every eight hours of running.

However, oiling is not enough. Your machine also needs to be kept clean. That is not always an easy task. I liken it to following a child around all day. Kids seem to attract dirt and general uncleanliness. Likewise, embroidery machines attract lint and dust, thus impacting performance.

Moreover, lint and dust aren’t the only culprits that cause problems. Little pieces of thread can cause trimmers not to work, and even work their way down into machine parts — in some cases even locking up your machine. Keeping things clean, especially around the sewing hook (the part you snap your bobbin case into) is imperative to keep your machine humming along smoothly.

Know your embroidery machine operation

2.Know your machine. Proper operation is also the key to extending the life of the machine. To do this, you need to carefully read the operation manual and watch the instructional video. At the same time, keeping the embroidery machine running smoothly is vital to improving productivity.BAI will provide you with teaching on machine maintenance, so that you can use your embroidery machine without worry.

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